Turbines connected to power grid vs. battery-charged

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How to find the turbine that best suits your installation.

Choosing the most suitable turbine for a certain location is not always an easy task. Although there is a large variety of hydraulic micro turbines, in Tecnoturbines we manufacture different models of Francis turbines in order to inject to the electrical power grid or for self-consumption by means of a battery-charging system.


The on-grid turbines are designed for installations that require power starting from 4 kW with the objective of self-consuming or selling the power. Tecnoturbines offers solutions for water distribution networks, mini-hydraulic plants and water networks for irrigation, among others, where it conducts a study of the installation and designs custom-designed projects. The two models of on-grid turbines Hydro Regen (22kW-315 kW), Micro Regen (4kW-25kW) adapt to the dimensions and the power of the hydraulic resource in order to recover power in many sectors.


In different circumstances, when one needs to produce power to supply an isolated area with difficult or no access to the power grid, the most suitable solution is battery-charged turbines. They permit storing the power in batteries and managing it through a remote control system, functioning with utmost independence.

The HE turbine (up to 3 kW) is optimal for generating high power and is especially designed to function in extreme environments. Meanwhile, the pico turbine (10-25 W), with all the integrated elements in a single device, offers unique versatility due to its reduced size and its adaptability. The off-grid system allows installing the turbines easily in all types of locations with minimal maintenance. In addition, the submersible properties of the pico turbine make it apt for easily floodable areas, such as utility shafts or water tanks.

Do you still have doubts? Let’s consider the differences between the on-grid turbines and those that function with charged batteries: