Aguas de Saltillo installs new equipment from Tecnoturbines

By 06/09/2017 No Comments

Aguas de Saltillo renews its trust in the picoturbines, thanks to the good results obtain from its first experience. After having Tecnoturbines as provider of solution to improve the monitorization of their PRVs, the Mexican company has identified new points in their water distribution network and will install our off-Grid solution again.

The new picoturbines feature a new submersible design IP68, as well as the last technological advances for the monitorization of flow and pressure. The proposal is unique in the market for having all the components integrated in the same unit, a unique compact format specially designed to be installed in parallel with the PRVs and in easily flooded installations, such as water tanks.

With an approximate size of a refreshment breverage can, the picoturbine offers an innovative solution for companies, such as Aguas de Saltillo, which need to remotly monitor their water supply networks.