This blog has been created with the purpose of providing an idea of how all of our hydraulic turbines function and their general characteristics. So, if you are interested in continuing to learn about the subject, do not hesitate to click the «Read More» button.

Our hydraulic turbines are developed in Spain. We have turbines connected to the grid (Grid-Tied System), these are used for self-consumption of electrical energy or direct sale to the grid. In addition, we have turbines for battery charging (Off-Grid System), which provides solutions for power supply problems where it is needed.


Grid-Tied Turbines

  • Micro Regen

    The Micro Regen can be installed directly on existing pipes, tank entrances, reservoirs, dam exits, etc. The characteristics that distinguish the Micro Regen turbine is that it is compact, robust and adaptable, it works under back pressure, and its inlet and outlet are aligned. Also, its maintenance and installation are easy. Turbina Micro Regen

  • Hydro Regen

It has the best performance in variable hydraulic conditions. Similar to a pressure reducing valve, the Hydro Regen turbine has the ability to recover energy while regulating the pressure at its outlet. This turbine has 4 control modes, the operating costs are minimal, its maintenance is easy and simple and it has standard parts of conventional pumps.

Turbina Hydro Regen

Off-Grid Turbines

With its efficiency, adaptability and power, the HE Turbine is specifically designed to meet the most demanding energy demands thanks to its high battery charging power. For this reason, it is suitable for working under extreme conditions, with a robust and compact system. The inlet and outlet are aligned, making it insertable in water pipes. In addition, it has a long service life and is easy to maintain. Turbina HE

Designed to supply energy to water management companies and ideal for installing in parallel with pressure reducing valves. The Picoturbine has an intelligent charge regulator that allows data to be sent in real time to the control center. This avoids the need to periodically replace batteries. The equipment of this turbine is compact and can be coupled to pressure reducing valves. In addition, it is the only one on the market with the elements integrated in the same device. Picoturbina


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