Renewable Energy is Key for a Sustainable Future

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Learn about renewable energy and its benefits. Specifically, hydropower and the goal of TECNOTURBINES to provide energy supply solutions using hydraulic turbines.

Renewable Energy is Key for a Sustainable Future

Renewable energy is a type of energy obtained from a natural source capable of producing energy. In other words, it is constantly renewing itself indefinitely. Be it from the water, the sun, or the wind. These energies are so diverse that they can be used anywhere in the world.


With countless benefits, renewable energy not only has its advantages in the environment but also in the economy and society. Greenhouse gases or other pollutants that affect health are almost non-existent when renewable energy is used. In addition, there is a cost reduction compared to traditional energy. Making it possible to implement it in remote communities and promote their development.


On the other hand, there is the energy obtained from fossil fuels and nuclear energy. These two ways of generating energy have a very negative impact on our environment. Therefore, leaving a larger carbon footprint. Renewable energy exponentially reduces the extraction of fossil fuels and reduces any type of risk of contamination caused by nuclear waste.


Certainly, in these times, renewable energy is a key element in helping to reverse global warming and guarantee a better future for future generations.


Emphasizing on Hydropower

There are several types of renewable energy, for instance, solar, wind, and hydraulic energy. Today we will emphasize the best known and used throughout history, hydraulic energy.


Hydraulic energy is considered renewable energy since it generates energy from the potential or kinetic force of the water that comes from currents or waterfalls of rivers.


This is a very clean and economic way of generating energy. So, consequently, no dangerous pollutants are generated in the environment. Hydraulic energy allows for electrical independence and the costs to generate it are very low. Since there is no need to use fuel, the energy is generated by the movement of the water and it is returned to the body of water again.


Our Commitment

Above all, TECNOTURBINES aims to make the most of the energy contained in different types of water distribution systems. For reliable and clean hydraulic power generation. At the same time, reducing energy costs and being able to supply energy to large facilities, street lighting, and remote mountainous places.


If you want to know more about TECNOTURBINES and the solutions it offers, you can contact us through our website, LinkedIn, or by writing us an email at

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