New project in Monterrey (Mexico)

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Tecnoturbines has reached an agreement with the company Aguas y Drenajes de Monterrey to install a Hydroregen turbine in the reservoir Santa Rosa II, which supplies water to a specific area of this Mexican city.

The agreement has been reached during a meeting at the Monterrey offices in Mexico, where both companies have expressed its growing interest in increasing their exposition to renewable energies and in reducing the carbon footprint.

The Hydroregen turbine will use a pressure drop of 70 metres of the pipe steel which transports the water from the deposit to the city in order to generate energy. The turbine, which is currently in the execution phase, will be installed in parallel with the existent pressure reducing valve, generating electric power of 135 kW.

This solution will enable a part of the hydraulic resource which was previously wasted to be transformed into green energy for domestic or industrial use.


Would you like to know more details of this project? Check out its study case with option to download the document.